Meet Rhino+: one platform for the deposit journey

Rhino+ is the first digital security deposit platform for property owners & operators who need simple workflows, faster leasing, and affordable deposit options for their renters.

Multifamily buildings

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A simple digital platform for managing security deposits & optimizing protection


A streamlined rental experience so you save time & lease faster

Rhino+ automates the deposit fulfillment invitation, deposit collection, and move-out process—giving your team ~20 hrs/mo back. Our digital-native platform lets renters pay online to save time and easily track their security deposit policy or cash deposit.


One portal for the deposit journey

Rhino+ integrates into your PMS so you can view and manage policies, claims, properties, and invitations in one place. Renters get transparent access to where their deposits are and if a claim is filed against them.


Access customized protection pricing & offer renters flexibility

Rhino+’s flexible coverage gives you the protection you need from bad debt and excessive damages. Give renters the flexible financial options of a cash deposit or an affordable security deposit insurance policy.


Simple returns, anytime

Operators can file claims at any point during a lease, and deposits are returned with the click of a button. Deposits are returned within days.

The Rhino+ deposit fulfillment process

An intuitive workflow



Join Highmark, UDR, and Brookfield when you partner with Rhino

Get the inside scoop on how Rhino+ can make a difference in your leasing process. Get in touch with one of our experts and learn more about the advantages that a Rhino partnership offers.

“We’ve really been able to refine the process over the past few months and iterate on everything we do so the benefits we get from Rhino can keep growing.”
Gina Glorioso, Highmark Residential

Why Rhino+?

We understand that the renting process is difficult for both you and your renters.

By creating the first deposit management platform for the rental industry, Rhino+ eases operations for property owners and provides renters with cost-effective ways to satisfy their deposit requirements.

“Rhino contributed to [only] one issue for us; we didn’t have enough inventory to lease out.”
Trey Cummings, Omega Realty Group