Flexible Coverage. Better Protection.

Rhino's security deposit insurance offers customizable coverage to owners + multifamily companies. 

We protect your properties better than a cash deposit would while leasing faster + reducing costs for renters.

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How Rhino works

Rhino is the security deposit insurance that boosts your profitability and increases accessibility for renters.

Rhino replaces cash security deposits with smart, affordable insurance at no cost to you. Renters pay Rhino a small monthly fee, and Rhino insures your home in case of damages or unpaid rent that might occur.

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Trusted in over 2 million homes

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Using Rhino is simple & easy


Get started

Our onboarding specialists work closely with properties to help them get the most out of Rhino's security deposit insurance. You'll learn how to invite residents, submit claims, and much more.


Choose your coverage

Rhino provides personalized protection for renters of all risk levels. Property managers choose the coverage amounts they need and we take care of the rest.


Fast, simple claims

With Rhino, properties are protected just like if they collected a cash deposit. When incidents happen, we handle all claims in-house and reimburse owners in an average of 4 days.

“We’ve really been able to refine the process over the past few months and iterate on everything we do so the benefits we get from Rhino can keep growing.”
Gina Glorioso, Highmark Residential

Stay ahead of the game by offering Rhino to your renters


Lease 50% faster with Rhino.

Renters view Rhino as an amenity. Cash deposits are pain points for renters, and owners are turning to security deposit insurance. Partnering with Rhino provides a much more affordable option for renters - with high adoption rates to show for it.


Save time & money. 

Offering Rhino is easy. Collecting and processing cash deposits isn't. We handle the legwork so you can spend more time on what matters.


Enjoy flexible coverage.

Our data-driven underwriting evaluates each renter's risk to keep you protected. Based on our appraisals, you can personalize individual coverage. You can increase coverage up to 6x over a cash deposit while providing affordability for renters.

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“Rhino contributed to [only] one issue for us; we didn’t have enough inventory to lease out.”
Trey Cummings, Omega Realty Group

Every property has their own Rhino story

Read about some of our partnerships to learn more about the wide-ranging benefits of Rhino.

Rhino case studies

Join Highmark, UDR, and Brookfield when you partner with Rhino

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