Pocket your cash deposit — ask about Rhino.

Application fees and deposits add up. Your community has teamed up with Rhino, America’s leading security deposit insurance provider, to help you keep cash in your pocket.

How does
Rhino work?


Rhino eliminates the need for a security deposit with smart, affordable insurance.

Renters pay a small monthly fee or pay in full for a Rhino policy, instead of paying for a big cash deposit.

Even if you’ve already paid your security deposit, you have the chance to get your cash back from your community when you enroll with Rhino. As long as there’s no excessive damage or unpaid rent, you’ll pay no additional costs.

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How Rhino and Your Community work together


Apply to your apartment

Once you find the apartment you’re interested in, apply as you usually would.


Receive a Rhino quote

Once your renter application has been approved for the community, you will automatically receive an email invite to get your Rhino quote. After you fill out your information, you will have a quote in less than 30 seconds. 

View sample Rhino quotes provided by Equity Residential below.


Sign up for Rhino

Enroll, move in, and keep some extra money in your pocket!

How much does Rhino cost?

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*Renter names have been changed. Pricing will vary by individual renter. Actual monthly rates determined based on the specific information provided to Rhino. Monthly payment plans may not be available to all renters.