Get the basics about Rhino

What is Rhino_-1
What is Rhino?

Learn how security deposit insurance works for you and your renters.
(Spanish versions included)

Level up efficiency with Rhino
Level up your efficiency with Rhino

Rhino can streamline leasing for your team and make life easier for renters.

Best practices for using Rhino
Best practices for using Rhino 

Easily access important info - for example, did you know that Rhino claims can be submitted any time during the policy? (Spanish versions included)

Questions about portal?

Visit the Portal Help Center for resources on everything you need to get started in Rhino's portal, including information on invitations, policies, and claims.

Case Studies


Rhino partners with many Top 50 NMHC owners and operators, saving their leasing teams—and renters—money, time, and energy.

The case study bundle includes
reports regarding:

  • Gold Wynn

  • The Breeden Company

  • Haley Residential

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How to talk about Rhino with your renters

Not sure how to describe Rhino to your renters? We provide the materials you need to understand and explain Rhino to renters, and market your properties as “deposit free.”

This marketing material bundle includes:
reports regarding:

  • Learn more about Rhino at your Property

  • Go deposit free signage

  • Rhino branded assets & logos

How to talk about Rhino with your Renters

Articles & FAQs

How to renew a Rhino policy

How to renew a Rhino policy

How to cancel a Rhino policy

How to cancel a Rhino policy

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Best practices for claims

Need help

Need additional help

Geographic Specific One Pagers

Different national partners have different needs. We want to ensure you knew the benefit of optimizing coverage in your state. Select a state to learn more about how other businesses are using Rhino.

One pager bundles based on location

  • NYC, Texas, Dallas, Georgia, Atlanta