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Below you will find resources on everything you need to get started in Rhino's portal, including information on invitations, policies, and claims.

Uploading properties

Only property manager admins can upload/add properties

Adding single properties


Uploading properties in bulk


Add your team members to portal

Only property manager admins can add users

1. Check that your properties have been added.

2. Input the email addresses of the teammates you would like to add.

3. Select the properties they’ll need access to.

4. You’ll be prompted to create a login if a teammate does not already have access to Portal.

5. Assign each teammate to the specific properties they oversee.

6. Click Confirm and send!


What type of invitation do you want to send?

What is Rhino_-1

Send a vacancy invite to new rental applicants looking to move into your property for the first time.

Level up efficiency with Rhino

Send a renewal invite to any renter who is up for lease renewal and is interested in switching their original cash deposit to a Rhino policy.

Best practices for using Rhino

Tired of managing cash? Consider sending your renter an invite so they can switch to a Rhino policy mid-lease, and you can return their cash deposit.

Sending invites

All users can edit invites

1. Select “Send an Invitation" on the left side.

2. Fill in the tenant’s information – first and last name, email address, phone number, and rental status (vacancy, mid-lease, or renewal).

3. Fill in the property information – lease address, unit, start/end date, and monthly rent.

4. Select the coverage amount for this property (as a multiple or dollar amount).

5. Click “Send invitation.”

Is something not working? Double check...


Did you confirm the address is correct?


Was your property uploaded correctly?


Is your renter still missing an invite?

Click on the renter's invite in your portal dashboard to copy the link and share directly.

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Editing invites

All users can edit invites

1. Click “Invitations” on the left side.

2. Click into the search bar and type in the name of the tenant whose invite you wish to edit.

3. Click into the invite with the tenant's name.

4. A sidebar will appear with the full details of the tenant's information. Under the address click “Edit.”

5. You can now edit the first and last name, phone number, address, unit, lease start/end dates, and the coverage amount.

6. Once the edits are complete, click “Update Invitation.”

Want to upgrade to automated invitations?

Rhino will automate all of your invites and eliminate all manual invite work for your team.

With everything happening automatically in the background and the ability to have more renters enroll with Rhino, you'll get more coverage and spend less time.

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Updating a policy

All users can update policies

1. Search for the policy you need.

2. Click a policy to reveal details and make updates.

3. Confirm your updates and notify the resident.

4. Resident confirms updates on the renter portal.

Policy updated!

Additional policy information

How to renew a Rhino policy


How to cancel a Rhino policy


How to file a claim

Only property manager admins and property manager users can files claims

1. Select “Claims” on the left side to get started.

2. Click the “File a Claim” button.

3. Choose your reason for submitting a claim and submit your claims documentation (images and documents).

4. Enter how you want to receive payment – direct deposit or physical check.

5. You'll be reimbursed for approved claims in an average of 4 days or less.

Still need help? Click the link below for more information on claims.

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Check out our Partner Resource Center with one-pagers, case studies, webinars, and more.

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